What is curling sport?

Curling is not alpine curling!

In the Olympia Sports- and Congress Centre Seefeld you can use 8 alpine curling lanes.

Curling is a winter sport which you can play indoor or outdoor on natural or artificial ice rinks between two teams.

Absolutely even ice rinks, curling stones made out of granite, broom and special shoes are all part of the right equipment.

Curling rules

  • The aim is the centre (three-coloured target circle, consisting of four concentric rings; called a "house") and to get your Stones as close as possible to the centre of the House.
  • Each Stone that is located at the centre of the target closer than the stone of the opposing team scores a point. At the end of the game, after nine rounds, the Team with the most points is the winner.
  • A team consists of 4 players and usually a reserve:
Lead (No. 1)

    • Second (No. 2)
    • Third / Vice-Skip (No. 3))
    • Skip (No. 4) = Leader of the Team 

    • reservist (No.5)
  • The strategy in curling can be decisive.
  • As in chess, the Curling Skip has to anticipate the moves of the opponent, and on the one hand build his team chances whilst also obstructing the play of the opposing team.
  • Often the very last stone in a game decides victory or defeat.


Alpine curling Seefeld, a joy for the whole family or friends

If you rent a lane at the Olympia Sports- and Congress Centre you can at also rent a curling “stick”. Other curling lanes are available


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