Cuisine Austria

Cuisine Austria

Cuisine Austria

Cousine Austria - the best restaurants in Seefeld

As special service we make possible a delicious dinner  in the form of a tour through the best Seefeld restaurants of the Region.

The restaurants, from extravagant to legendary.

Among them is the “Meilerhof”, a restaurant which specialized in beef and which extravagantly picks you up for the unforgettable dinner with a limousine service.

If you like your food a bit heftier we suggest the “Triendlsäge” that has dumpling meals on the menu.

Or the “Alte Schmiede” were the famous „Tyrolean Pfandl“ is irresistible.

And if you once don’t want to walk but eat on the traces of Albrecht Dürers and at the same time would like to enjoy the legendary “Inntal”-view, than the restaurant “Alt Mösern” prepares a special menu for you.